And… nothing

And.. nothing.

It’s the waiting that kills you

Every morning you’ll wake up and check your inbox for the message
But find it full of everything but that

You keep waiting
Day 1 – nothing
Day 2 – nothing
Day 3 – nothing

Now it’s been a week and a half and still nothing

And the anxiety builds
And builds
And builds
And you want to pull your hair out

And your nights are sleepless

And every notification fills you with what you know to be false hope
And you remain disappointed that it’s not the message you want

Still no message

You slept at 3 and woke up soon after –
And overthinking

You think – There must be a problem
It can’t be nothing
You think – you must’ve said something wrong
Maybe, the last message you sent them could’ve been worded better
You gave them everything they asked for –
At least, you thought you did.

But now, they’re ghosting you.
Not replying to your messages

It’s a problem –
It is.

Then – on the morning of the twenty-first day
you check your messages

Your tired eyes fall upon those magical words.
The words you’ve been waiting for:
Your visa has been approved..

So, as I said previously, I do not do poetry, but yet here I am writing another one. This time I wrote it in anticipation of my visa for my impending move to Amsterdam for my Master’s, and to celebrate the approval of my visa and the collection of my passport, here is the poem.
As it is for all my writing, I owe a lot of thanks to my one and only editor in chief: VR.

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