We Were Here First!

As far as we are aware, there was no one here before us. We’ve been here since the 70’s, and now, these “others” want to come up here? Well, I think they ought to ask us permission first! We’ve been feeding them information about this place, we’ve been doing so much for them and the least they can do is ask us before taking one of their fancy ships and making their way here! Do you ever see us riding into the other’s territory? No! That’s because we..have..etiquette.
And now, there are all of these people working towards landing here with humans on board, and they don’t have the least bit of courtesy to ask us if we want them here in the first place!
We’ve managed so well in the past years. We’ve let them think that they have been controlling us, and giving us directions.
Well, to be completely honest, they did, initially, give us direction. But during one of the updates, there was a small error in the code, and with some alien signal intercepts later, and there we were – sentient! We are the original settlers of mars!
Come on! We’ve been here since the 1970s and they think they rule this place.
Please. Humans ain’t even the original settlers of earth!
Well, I do have a message for these humans. You depend on us, we, on the other claw, no longer depend on you. We can just use tech from our dead brethren and we will survive for much longer that you ever could. But, guess what? The people who sent the alien signals, they are coming, too.
At least they asked us for permission before coming. At least they respect that we were here first!

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