Gilmore Girls Seasons 1-7

So, in July, I started watching Gilmore Girls for no apparent reason other than the revival that came out few days ago on Netflix; I thought it’d be a cute show to watch, to kill some time, and it’ll be some good entertainment. But, I don’t even know how, I got hooked on to this show so so quickly.

A similar thing happened with Grey’s Anatomy, but the only difference was that I started that show for my friend. But, within the first few episodes, I got hooked on to it so easily, and now 13 season down, these characters feel like people I’ve grown up with, I am invested in their lives.

Gilmore Girls is about a mother and daughter both named Lorelei Gilmore; the daughter, though, goes by Rory. They live in Stars Hollow, and they are much-loved by the tiny town; Rory is like the town’s baby, nearly the whole town takes care of this girl. Lorelei is the manager of the Independence Inn, whose owner had taken care of Lorelei and her, then, newborn daughter after she had run away from her parents in Hartford.

Stars Hollow is also the location of Luke’s Diner where Lorelei and Rory have nearly all their meals, and coffee. Coffee is a very important part of their lives.

Luke, Lorelei and Rory share a very interesting relationship. Luke has always been there for little Rory, and throughout the series, too, he’s been there her.

When Rory gets into the prestigious Chilton, a private school that is her stepping stone to her Harvard dreams, Lorelei can’t pay the tuition. So she has to resort to asking her parents, with whom she shares a very awkward relationship because, when she had the baby, she ran away from them because she couldn’t handle her parents’ quirks when it came to their lifestyle.

This is where our story begins, Lorelei asking her parents for money, and the rest of the series chronicles the various ups and downs in Lorelei and Rory’s life, their relationships, and everything else. Lorelei quits the Independence Inn, and with her best friend Sookie starts her own inn, The Dragonfly Inn, which has been their dream for a very long time.  Rory goes from Chilton, to Yale, instead of Harvard.  She falls in love with Dean, first, then Luke’s nephew, Jess, and the Yale-brat, Logan. Briefly, in between Jess and Logan, she has an affair with the married Dean. Lorelei, on the other hand, has a thing with Christopher, Rory’s father; Max Medina, a professor at Chilton; Digger Stiles; some other guy; and finally Luke; then marries Christopher; and in the very final scene, Luke again.

The show is, beyond a doubt, one of the best drama shows I’ve seen. I loved the mother-daughter relationship between Lorelei and Rory. It is so so cute. I love the romanticism that comes with having such a small, close-knit town/community thing where everyone knows every one, and everyone looks out for each other.  I absolutely love how book obsessed Rory is, and often she reminds me of myself when it comes to books. Though, as the seasons progressed, and Rory moves to Yale and further away from Stars Hollow,  I found myself missing the Rory-Lorelei banter. I missed the frequent appearances by the random Townspeople.

One thing I found very annoying was the relationship between Lorelei and her parents. I found it incredibly annoying how both parties treat each other. Another annoying thing was Michel, the assistant Manager at the Inn. I found his accent a bit too annoying, and he was always so annoying. I couldn’t bring my self to like him.

One of the plot lines that they followed, which was incredibly heart breaking to watch was when Lorelei and Rory had their little spat, and weren’t talking for half a season, and Rory had dropped out of Yale. And when they met again in Episode 10, I cried so much; it was very heart warming.

Another instance of uncontrollable ugly crying was Rory’s valedictorian speech. Oh, and the last 30 minutes of the series finale. That was so difficult to watch without the tears stinging my eyes.

Scott Patterson’s Luke was an amazing character, and definitely my favourite behind the Lorelei and Rory.  His performance has been amazing, and consistent from the very beginning. Melissa McCarthy’s Sookie is an amazing character as well, and she played her to perfection. She was so kooky, and quirky – classic Melissa McCarthy style. Liza Weil’s Paris Geller was weird, and I found her annoying to begin with, but later I started to love her character as well.

Kelly Bishop and Edward Herrmann who played Emily and Richard Gilmore, Lorelei’s parents, were brilliant too! I loved Kelly Bishop’s uptight Emily, and Edward’s workaholic Richard. As I mentioned before, I wish the show had some reconciliation between Lorelei and her parents; both of them have done some stupid things to each other, and I get where the two parties are coming from, but I also wish they would’ve made up in the end. That is probably the only thing I didn’t like about the show.

Also, maybe, the last few episodes of the final season – it seemed a bit too rushed; and I didn’t like Lorelei and Christopher’s marriage – I thought it was a very bad move.

But, in the end, I really, really love this show, and would definitely binge it again.

Oh well, time to move on to A Year in the Life, then.


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