Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel Review 

Sylvian Neuvel’s Sleeping Giants opens to the discovery of a mysterious hand by a young girl. This young girl grows up to become a physicist, and is later recruited to uncover the mysteries of this hand, and its origins. She joins a brilliant pilots and her co-pilot, a geneticist and an even more mysterious interviewer.

The rest of the story is presented in the form of interviews and new reports, and it is a very cool way of story telling. I really loved the way it was presented to us, though initially I was apprehensive of it because I couldn’t understand how they’s convey the sheer magical, alien feel of this device/weapon.

I really loved the story, it had a very Ancient Shores, Stargate SG-1 feel to it (I actually realise, as I write this, that Ancient Shores and SG1 are almost, nearly alike, with few exceptions of course). The characters are really good; I’m surprised by how well developed the characters are though their consciousness isn’t narrated, all we get is their speech through the interviews and it’s really amazing how the characters grow on you.

Sleeping Giants is Sylvain Neuvel’s debut novel that he self published a while ago and recently it was picked up by Sony, I believe, to be made into a movie. I’m really excited to see how this translates into a movie. I would actually love to see the events being played out in the movie, just as they did in the books.

The way I imagined it was a set of web videos of these interviews with documents and newscasts; I don’t know – this just sounds so much better than the movie. But, who am I to judge? The movie might actually be very good, like The Martian was.

Fingers Crossed.

In conclusion, this is a brilliant book, and I can’t wait for the next book.

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