A to Z Challenge: Science Writing

I don’t even know why I got turned onto Science Writing. It’s a very weird thing in my opinion, but I thought it was appropriate given that I’m majoring in Physics with a minor in English (Seriously, start taking shots when I mention Physics and English; if I did that, I’d be out and sloshed somewhere, with someone else’s baby, and maybe a tramp stamp. I digress, apologies. Getting back to the point).

Yes, apologies for the internal monologue.

So, yes, Science Writing.

Recently I attended a talk where this woman, a very well established science writer who works at NPR and with BBC World, talked about her field. She talked about how it is about telling stories, just that these stories are about science and related discoveries in that field; she made it sound so so sexy.

I really like writing, and I really love Physics (SHOT!) and I really want to tell stories through physics. Chaos by James Gleick has often been cited as one of the most prominent works in science writing. Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs (which I can’t stop talking about) by Lisa Randall is another brilliant example of science writing.

I want to be able to get people interested in things like Dark Matter, Black Holes, Cosmology and so much more. Physics (SHOT!) has such interesting, confusing, and perplexing topics to talk about, and paradoxes to bash your brains over. It is such a beautiful field.


…or maybe it’s just me.


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