A to Z Challenge: Kryptonite

Kryptonite, in popular culture, is the green rock from Kal-El’s homeworld that takes away his Yellow Sun given superpowers and renders him human. It has, in recent times, has become a neologism. It is now used, colloquially, to indicate someone’s weakness.

Now, I’m not here to talk about Superman and his green Kryptonite. I bloody hate that guy. I wouldn’t talk about him unless it’s to hate on him. I’m here to talk about my own kryptonite. Most of them.

My biggest kryptonite is Meryl Streep. Just a picture of her makes me weak in the knees, makes me feel feelings. She is an amazing, amazing woman. She can play any role and own it, make it her bitch. She is also a beautiful woman. The woman will turn 67 this year and still looks so so gorgeous. Words cannot describe her brilliance and her beauty.

I don’t know what would happen if I’d ever meet her. I know one thing though, the moment I meet her, after I’m over the initial shock of meeting her and then the subsequent shocks, I will have one quote running in my head:

“If it were now to die,
‘Twere now to be most happy”

My second would be books. I go past a book shop I can’t help but stop and stare, touch the spines, smell it, take it in and eventually buy it. I’m never too far away from a book. Hell, I never poop without a book. I go to movies with a book, I go to meet my friends with a book (much to their annoyance). Never trust me in a book shop, I will want to buy more than I can handle.

The last one I shall talk about is Musicals. Good gods I love musicals. My current obsession is Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton. The songs are so catchy, and they get stuck in your head so easily. Next to Normal, a pulitzer prize winning musical is another beauty. I love Next to Normal more for the story than the music. There’s always Mamma Mia, Sound of Music, Wicked, Into The Woods, so so many more.

One more that I’ll just briefly mention: Red Wine. I have a slight, teensy, weakness for Red Wine. I love it a bit too much. So when someone offers this to me, I can never have just one glass. Soon I will be left inebriated, and anyone can take advantage of poor old Smau.

I have so many different Kryptonites, it’s very easy to weaken me. Start a conversation about any of the above 3, or even Penelope Cruz, Physics, Shakespeare, Science Fiction in particular if we are dealing with books; or even just a passing mention and I will be weak. I will be..human.



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