The Girl on the Train

Gone Girl is one of my all time favorite Mystery/Thriller books. It’s perfect. Gillian Flynn’s writing is haunting and enticing. The story is enthralling and the characters aren’t all that black and white and they are intriguing. Now, when someone compares another mystery thriller to Gone Girl claiming that it is the “next Gone Girl,” I immediately take offence and I have to read this book to figure out what made the publisher falsely advertise this book.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins pulled me in because of the synopsis and that it said it was the next Gone Girl. I have read the book, I finished it in three days, and I can assure you, that it most definitely IS NOT the next Gone Girl.

Gone Girl is on a different level altogether. It’s hard to best such a beautifully crafted mystery.

The Girl on the Train is about a woman who is connected to the disappearance of another woman who is somehow related to her ex-husband and his current wife. The story, as many reviews have said, is one shocking twist after another. I beg to differ.

Yes, I agree it began really well, but it was all downhill from there. To me, it was predictable and it was a tad bit lackluster. The characters weren’t all that interesting. They seemed to lack something in them that a good character had to draw people in. The main female seemed a bit too whinny and so did her ex’s new wife.

I really wouldn’t suggest this book too often, unless it is something you’re into..




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