On Crazy In Love

I’m sure some of you would’ve heard Beyonce’s latest version of Crazy In Love. It was featured in movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey and it was quite a big thing when it popped up online.

I’ve heard it again and again and too many times and I have some thoughts on it.

First, lest look at her original one. It was her first big hit with her future husband Jay-Z. She was young and so was her voice. It was fast paced it was basically a dance number. Oh believe me, I’ve Just Dance-ed that song countless times. It’s not a pretty sight. It also features a rap, something I’m not very interested in. I love that song, nonetheless.

I am not a big fan of remixes, and I do subscribe to the notion that something once published is what the artist intended and any improvements to it, may not turn out very good. I’ve been wrong on many occasions.

So when Fifty Shades’ first trailer came out with a snippet of a new version of Crazy In Love, I went crazy. I needed more of it, but I had to wait, much like every other fan. And I needed to see the movie just for that song. Seems pointless, yes. I needed to see it.

The 2014 remix, as it is called, has now become the definite version of Crazy in Love out there. It seems like a track that was left out of Beyoncé and Beyoncé Platinum Edition.

Now, Beyoncé (the album) has this sexy, slow feel to it. And so does Crazy in Love. If we were to disregard the intention for which the song had been recorded, it fits perfectly into Beyoncé.

It’s an amazing track, really.

And I guess what I want to say is that Beyoncé is an amazing artist who can make her tracks into something flawless and heaven. One of the few, in my opinion.


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