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Doctor Who Christmas Special ‘The Snowmen’ Review


Saul Metzstein


Steven Moffat


Jenna-Louise Coleman – Clara Oswald

Richard E. Grant – Dr Simeon

Dan Starkey – Strax

Catrin Stewart – Jenny Flint

Neve McIntosh – Madame Vastra

Sir Ian McKellen – The Great Intelligence


What is Christmas with out a Doctor Who Special!

It’s Christmas and prepare for scares with this year’s Christmas Special!

This year, Stephen Moffat has taken the special as an opportunity to introduce the new companion- Clara played by Jenna Louise Coleman.

We saw her earlier this season as Oswin Oswald who (spoilers!) turned out to be a Dalek. This time she is a Victorian Bar Maid/ Governess. She meets the doctor as he passes by a bar. A snowman appeared out of nowhere and she asks if he made it. And the doctor investigates it and leaves. She follows him and says the two words that everyone asks ‘DOCTOR WHO?’ The new opening titles are awesome and so is the revamped theme song.

The Doctor and Clara have a connection that I’ve previously seen between him and Amy Pond. There are lots to love about this episode. All fans will surely miss the Ponds, but Clara is an AWESOME companion. She is smart, witty and most of all is curious.

The one word test that Vastra puts her through was also awesome!

I really do love Clara! I think that she might be the best companion… Matt and Jenna’s chemistry in this episode was awesome. They make their time together real fun!

The episode gets better as it approaches the end – especially the scene where Doctor gets her up to the TARDIS and tells her to say the same line that every companion says when they look at  the TARDIS (‘ Its bigger on the inside’). But Awesome Clara on the other hand says ‘Its smaller on the outside’. That was such an epic line!!! And then asks if there is a kitchen as she ‘likes making soufflés’ SOUFFLÉS!!!!!!!!

That’s when I see the connection that Moffat tries to make!!!! The same scene is also heartbreaking as Clara falls from the clouds being pulled by the Ice Lady. He can’t go killing all my favourite companions and that too after she gets the TARDIS key. The last 15/20 minutes of the episode are so emotional and filled with awesomeness.

Ohh! I might have forgotten to mention THEY KISS!

The episode ends with an awesome revelation that Clara’s full name is actually Clara Oswin Oswald! And he tries to find his companion wherever she might be!  In this episode, the Doctor was a bit subdued. Jenna stole the show with her awesome acting and her onscreen chemistry with Matt. Richard E. Grant was awesome as the villain in this episode. The voice of Sir Ian McKellen as The Great Intelligence was scary. Richard E. Grant kept on saying ‘Winter is coming’ I don’t know I that makes him a Stark if Winterfell or something else..

This episode is the best of the whole series. I think I have to change my top 5 episodes in my list now..

The new TARDIS reminds me of the one used by the previous doctors. The titles in this episode were probably the least Christmassy of all the specials..

The Doctor kicks of his 50th Anniversary in an awesome way!

Final Verdict:


Doctor Who returns in April of 2013


Doctor Who: Christmas Special Prequel and trailer

Ahhh! The Doctor! Here’s the prequel which leads directly into the Christmas special. which is called ‘The Snowmen’.

In the ‘minisode’ we can see how the departure of Amy and Rory has affected him.

Here’s the Trailer for  ‘The Snowmen':



How I Got Addicted to Doctor Who

**Spoilers!! for Season 7**

Just a year ago, I started watching Doctor Who. After a few episodes of a raggedy man talking about time vortexes and sonic screwdrivers I got interested. Just for those who don’t know- Doctor Who is a long-running British Science Fiction TV Show that started in 1963. It revolves around a 900+ year-old Time Lord, travelling in a blue police box, which he calls TARDIS – Time And Relative Dimension In Space. He calls himself The Doctor. He also has the ability to change his face and body, its called regeneration.

At the time I started watching the TV Show, I had no clue that there were over 20 season before it, and the one I was watching was the reboot, starting with the 9th Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston. I became addicted to the show. All my time was consumed by thoughts of The Doctor. I was a zealot.

Craig Ferguson has suggested that nerds like me like Doctor Who because it’s about the triumph of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism, and that’s a very accurate point, but that never explained why I became such a fanboy! Even Star Trek or Star Wars hadn’t affected me in such a way. I’m in no way educated in the entire  Whoniverse. I’ve seen some of the episodes of the old series and all of the rebooted ones.

According to me, the show reached it’s high point during the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh seasons. The fourth season had Donna Noble as the companion, who was fun and a bit noisy. During the fourth season we saw the introduction of River Song in a two part episode  Silence of the Library and Forest of the Dead. She was one of the biggest mysteries of the series. Her secret was revealed much later.

Then, in the fifth season, we saw Amy Pond becoming the new companion. She was the best! The Doctor and her had some kind of relationship. At times it seemed as if  Amy was in love with this man. This season had some very emotional episodes, especially “Vincent and The Doctor” which featured Vincent Van Gogh. This season also had the Weeping Angels, in another two parter. The episode ended with The Doctor causing The Big Bang 2.

The sixth season centered around The Doctor and his death. Then the sixth episode called ‘A Good Man Goes to War‘ was one of the best episode of the series. It ended with an episode called ‘The Wedding of River Song‘ which closed the death of the doctor story arc. But it also ushered in another plot line. Doctor Who? A question that must never be asked.

By the seventh season, Amy and Rory had become a part of my life. And their departure in episode 5 was very emotional. By the seventh season Doctor Who had gone from a regular TV Show to an obsession.

Here I give my top three reason for Doctor Who becoming, for lack of a better term, my religion:

#3 The Doctor Fights For The Humans

For those who have seen the original Doctor Who series know that week after week, he fights to save humanity. Humanity is always under attack form various aliens. Some want to destroy us, some want to harvest our organs, some want to exterminate us as we have emotions and thus we are imperfect.

It’s humanity that’s in jeopardy, or some section of it. There’s always that one alien race that wants to eradicate us or convert us into robots. But, whatever the danger may be, The Doctor always comes to our rescue. In doing so he risks his life for us.

#2 The Doctor Needs Us Too

The Doctor’s relationship with humanity is more complex. He doesn’t save us because he some god-like parent trying to save his wayward child. He has seen infinite number of alien races, and he still feels that humans are just awesome. The show simultaneously illustrates how inconsequential we are in the vastness of time and space, while still praising our ingenuity, curiosity and capacity for kindness.

While lending us a helping hand. he never expects us to worship him or anything like that. You feel that he needs us as much as we need him, even more at times. Humanity fills a void for the Doctor.

In the rebooted series, especially in the David Tennant era, we see the real effects of his need for a companion.  Madame du Pompadour, described him as a ‘Sad Angel’. He clings to his faith in Rose while in Satan’s pit. The Doctor in ‘Journey’s End’, tells Rose that she made him a better person. In his final few episodes, we see that his actions become erratic. In the Matt Smith era, he gets overly attached to Amy and Rory. In the seventh season, we see the effects of him travelling alone for such a long time. He also has a lot of trouble letting them go. He accepts that he got attached especially to Amy, because she was the first thing his new face saw.

He’s a savior who loves us and needs us like the best of friends do.

#1 The Doctor is Fallible 

Those above two reason weren’t enough to make Doctor Who my ‘Religion’. To sum up the first two, The Doctor is a godlike alien who helps us, but needs us more than he realises.

Doctor Who is not all joys and happy endings. People do die! Civilisations are lost, races are wiped, planets are destroyed. People around him suffer. The Doctor has to make tough choices. Life for him isn’t easy. Even though the doctor is on your side, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your side would win. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no purpose to life. With the Doctor, something as simple as a choice can cause a huge change. For example in ‘Satan’s Pit’ The Doctor had to choose to save the Ood or just one crew member.

What’s more interesting is that, I’ve never fully understood the scientific constructs that restrict the Doctor and prevent him from saving some lives. The show tells us that even god has limitations to his abilities. He can’t save everyone every time. Bad things happen to those who travel with the Doctor. They have to live with a burden. Most recently, Amy and Rory die at the hands of The Weeping Angels though the Doctor tried his best to keep them safe.

Doctor Who teaches us that, we just don’t know everything. Sometimes stuff happens for reasons, which are beyond this addict’s understanding. Maybe, just maybe, there is a god like the Doctor who has saved us so many times and in so many ways we’ve never known.


Amy and Rory’s fate after the events of The Angels take Manhattan

*Spoilers! If you haven’t seen Doctor Who Series 7 *

The BBC has released an un-shot scene, that tells us the fate of Amy and Rory after the Angels sent them back in time.

Warning: Its a tear jerker!!

written by Chris Chibnall, that tells us what finally happened to the Ponds, and to Rory’s dad, Brian after the Angels took Manhattan.



*Spoilers!* Doctor Who: “The Angels Take Manhattan” Review

“I always rip out the last page of a book. Then it doesn’t have to end. I hate endings”


Nick Hurran


Steven Moffat


Alex Kingston – River Song

Mike McShane – Grayle

Rob David – Sam Garner



We were warned many months ago that Amy and Rory were going to depart from the show in episode 5, which would also feature the Weeping Angels. I thought I would be prepared for such an episode. I was WRONG!

This episode takes place in Manhattan ans also sees the return of River Song. I know that the doctor hates endings, but I need to start with that here. Moffat wasn’t lying when he said someone was going to die in this season. He didn’t kill the Ponds off too quickly. He gave them decades worth of fun with the Doctor.

The episode ended with a shot of young Amelia Pond awaiting the Doctor. He ended their story by tying up the story that began in “Eleventh Hour”. The closing shot of Amelia Pond was a very nice touch; it ended the Amy-Rory story nicely. We know we won’t see them again. Not as cameos or anything else. Karren had made it extremely clear that Amy WILL NOT return. And I hope that she doesn’t return. Karren has done a wonderful job with Amy and her relationship with the Doctor.

Steven Moffat’s script had a lot in store for Karen and Arthur. The episode had humor, action emotion, timey wimey troubles, River and of course the Weeping Angels. The performances by Gillian and Darvill were just amazing. His performance as Rory (In all the episode and not just this one) has been amazing. They will be missed. Matt Smith was just marvelous. The effects of him travelling alone are seen loud and clear here. For the Doctor loosing companions is nothing new, but he has never been so selfish about them. This shows that he was really attached to them during their run with the Doctor. He explained how special Amy was to him in the previous episode.

Alex Kingston reprises her role as River Song/ Melody Pond. Given that this is the farewell of her parents, she had to be present. She also reminds us that The Doctor has gone about erasing himself form every database of the Universe. She has her moments with the doctor, when she disguises her broken wrist and encourages her mother to go back in time to Rory. Her performance too shined in this episode.

The Angels were obviously supposed to be the main feature of this episode. But they weren’t focused on much. The angels were less scary this time around. The baby angels were a good addition. And the smiling angel was unsettling. The large Statue of Liberty Angel was also a nice addition. I actually felt a little sad for the Angel that was cuffed up. The Angels, in my opinion, were not that great. It’s ironic that the weak part if The Angels Take Manhattan was the Angels themselves.

The whole episode looked good with the detective noir feel to it. The pre-credit scene with the typewriter and the voice over was very good. Coming back to the ending- the farewell was quite emotional with the gravestone and Rory being sent back in time by an angel. And then River encourages her mother and Doctor does not want Amy to go back in time to Rory. Also the first time when they both jump off the roof of Winter Quay was awesome and also very emotional.

So, here we are, at the end of a journey. No more Amy or Rory. I’m going to miss them and also their names coming during the credits sequence. On the bright side we have sometime to get over the departure. The Christmas Episode will feature the new companion.

Final Verdict:



New Pictures from Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan


These pictures appeared online sometime ago. This would be the last episode of Amy and Rory. Here’s what Moffat’s had to say:

“Never let him see the damage. And never, ever let him see you age. He doesn’t like endings.”

The Doctor has been dropping in on the Ponds for some years now, and he’s barely even noticed that his little Amelia Pond is now wearing reading glasses.

Surely nothing has to change now? Surely this can go on for ever? Has the wandering Time Lord at last found a family and the nearest thing to a home he could imagine?

But out there in New York the Weeping Angels are waiting for them all, and a very different destiny is falling into place. Not even River Song can save them from the terrible events to come.

Heartbreak is always a terrible thing. But imagine if you had two of them…

Here are the pictures:






Recurring Trend in Doctor Who?

We know that all the episodes are stand alone stories. But, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t certain recurring trends in each episode?

we know that The Doctor and his companions are drifting away. We are also constantly reminded that the Doctor has been erased from history. In A Town Called Mercy, we see the effects of him travelling alone for so long.

So, in every episode, there is a common element- Light Bulbs. I’ll show you what I mean:

In the first episode, Asylum of the Daleks, we see Amy being taken by the Daleks from a fashion shoot, and when she is in the dressing room, the light bulbs in the room start to flicker:

In the second episode, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, Brian- Rory’s Father- is fixing a light bulb at the start and at the end Rory is trying to fix it again:

And lastly, in the latest episode, A Town Called Mercy, the lights in Mercy also flicker:

So, now on to speculation. Whats up with the light bulbs, does it indicate something that will soon come? Some new enemy? Are the Silence at it again? Are the Angles turning out the lights in preparation for Angles in Manhattan which would be the last episode for Amy and Rory. Or my final speculation, Are the Vashta Narada doing it? But the Vashata Narada doing things is highly unlikely. But one can hope can’t he?

I just have more questions and no answers. I pray that its something new or the Angles.


Doctor Who S07E01 Review


Doctor Who Series 7 Episode 1 ‘Asylum of the Daleks


Nick Hurran


Steven Moffat


Matt Smith as  Eleventh Doctor

Karen Gillan as  Amy Pond

Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams

Jenna-Louise Coleman as  Oswin Oswald



The long awaited series 7 premiere of Doctor Who has finally aired, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

From the Pond Life webisodes, we saw that Amy and Rory split, and she kicked him out of the house. That directly leads to this episode. At the start we see a desolate planet, with Dalek statues and whatnot. A woman gives a voice over telling us about the Doctor. And then we finally see him and the woman turns out to be a Dalek. And the Planet turns out to be Skarro. We then go back to earth to see Amy modeling and Rory comes with the divorce papers and at that moment, they are taken by the Daleks

We then see them in space and the Doctor arrives. They are taken to another large room, which is filled with Daleks, which turns out to be the parliament of the DALEKS. . They ask for the Doctors help. They actually say Save us! The Prime Minister tells the Doctor about the Asylum of the Daleks. And then he is beamed into the planet to take down the force field, so that the Daleks can destroy the planet.

Save us!

The episode was so much fun. I was happy to see almost every type of Dalek here. We also see Jenna-Louise Coleman play a role in the episode as Oswin. She helps the Doctor and his companions to safety. I was quite surprised to see Coleman play a role in this. But given that Karen first role on doctor who was in fires of Pompeii and Donna first role was in the Christmas Special. The Daleks looked awesome in this episode. There is apparently a new Dalek i.e. the human Dalek, which are also awesome. Coleman’s role was nice, but it was shrouded with mystery with the milk and who keeps getting in to her lodging and why hasn’t she shown her self to the Doctor.

In the end, we see that she is actually a Dalek. She doesn’t know that. She continuously repeats ‘I am Human’ which was quite strange for a Dalek. What Oswin also does is that she erases all traces of The Doctor from the minds of the Daleks. So now they do not know that they fear the Doctor.

We see many of the older Daleks in this episode. I remember seeing Special Weapons Dalek from the 1988 story, Remembrance of the DaleksThis episodes makes references to many of the previous episodes. The voice over given by Darla at the start refers to the Time War and  also states “and then [the Doctor] died” referring to The Impossible Astronaut  and The Wedding of River Song, episodes from Series 6. Some of the Daleks are survivors of previous encounters with the Doctor on Spiridon (Planet of the Daleks), Aridius (The Chase), Kembel (Mission to the Unknown and The Daleks’ Master Plan), Vulcan (Power of the Daleks), and Exxilon (Death to the Daleks). The Doctor refers to himself as ‘The Oncoming Storm’ which is from the novelization of Remembrance of the Dalek

All in all it was a very good episode. It was a nice way to kick off the season.  Can’t wait for next week. This episode also marks the introduction of the new title sequence, which I quite like. Also the episode ends with the Daleks asking Doctor Who, as they have forgotten their archenemy. And to the very end, the Doctor himself repeats Doctor Who. This episode has an awesome story and great acting as usual by the team. It’s going to be a very sad ending for Amy and Rory in the 5th Episode.

Final Verdict:




Pond Life

Here are first 4 webisodes of the “Pond Life” prequel series. All of this was done to show us how the Ponds live their life with out The Doctor.

These episodes are pretty good and fun. All of them maintain the same humor of the Doctor and Rory and Amy’s chemistry. It’s god to see that nothing has changed since last christmas.  But thats only till the fourth episode.

In the fifth and final part, we see scenes of Rory and Amy fighting and Rory leaving. And right at the end we see Amy asking for The Doctor. This would probably lead directly into the Series 7 premiere today.

Just for continuity, I’ve added all the episodes down for the premiere.

Pond Life Episode 1:

Pond Life Episode 2:

Pond Life Episode 3:

Pond Life Episode 4:

Pond Life Episode 5:


Doctor Who Series 7 posters

Here is a set of cinematic posters for the first 5 episodes of Series 7. This just goes to show the epic-ness of Steven Moffat & Co. It also shows how epic the episodes are going to be. They will mostly be stand-alone episodes. Can’t wait for it!

All of these episodes are cinematic and have four word titles. The first episode airs this Saturday September 1st- The Asylum of the Daleks. Followed by Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, A Town called Mercy (The western episode), The Power of Three and finally The Angles take Manhattan, which would be the final episode for Amy and Rory.

Here are the posters:


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