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November 23, 2012

Review: Life of Pi

by Girish Kumar


Ang Lee



Ang Lee, Gil Netter & David Womark


Irrfan Khan as Adult Pi

Suraj Sharma as 16-Year old Pi

Tabu as Pi’s Mother

Adil Hussain as Pi’s Father

Gerard Depardieu as The Cook

Rafe Spall as The Writer


Mychael Danna

Based on Life of Pi by Yann Martel



Life of Pi, is a movie about survival and not about friendship. It’s more about faith than anything else. It’s a beautiful story about how Pi, a young Indian boy, who is forced to survive at sea on a boat when the ship he is on sinks killing all the members of his family . He is stranded on the boat with a Bengal Tiger named Richard Parker. It is based on Yaan Martel’s book of the same name.

The story is told to us by both the adult Pi (Irrfan Khan) and the young 16 year old Pi (Suraj Sharma). It is told to us as Adult Pi narrates his tale to a writer sent to him by his father’s friend. The movie opens to a beautiful song called ‘Pi’s Lullaby’ sung by  Bombay Jayashri. The soothing vocals were amazing and it was the first indication that this movie is going to be awesome.

At the start there was a message saying that no animals were harmed in the making of the movie and that all of that was extensive CGI. But, damn! they looked so real, if they hadn’t given that message, I would have believed that they were real. Kudos to  Rhythm & Hues Studios for the amazing visual effects.

The movie’s narrative is almost poetic. I’ve never seen such marvelous storytelling. The 3D has been left in the hands of masters who make the movie beautiful and its gives you a feeling that you aren’t watching a movie, but living the story. Life of Pi is a landmark of visual mastery.

The acting was great and the music was wonderful, there was no scene in the movie which was left without a beautiful piece of music playing. The book was all about Pi and Suraj did justice to the role. he shows such a range if emotions that makes this movie so special and awesome. Richard Parker is a unique character. I never knew that a computer generated tiger could show such human emotions. Richard Parker is as important as Pi as a character.

At the end, when Pi tells the fake story, you can actually imagine how the Hyena, the Orangutan, the Tiger and the Zebra resemble the other characters of the movie. There was this one scene where he looks into the water and sees images being formed, which according to me, was the most beautiful scene of the movie. The scenes of the water reflecting the sky and the stars were visually appealing and looked amazing!

This movie is easily a strong contender for an Oscar for Special Effects, Cinematography, Director and Movie of the year. The movie was wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Final Verdict:


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